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Complete, Roof, Gutter & Construction Services


California Contractor License #797807

As an experienced, active, general building contractor since 2001, with an A+ rating by the BBB and many satisfied customers, we are prepared for any facet of construction or improvements. We install and repair many roofs throughout the year as well as all types of gutters and drainage systems. Cost effective Structural upgrades and improvements are one of our specialties.

With a dedicated metal fabrication shop and mobil, gutter extrusion unit, we are well equipped and eager to provide our clients with knowledgeable, fast, cost effective solutions to any problems we encounter. We are proud that many of our customers after having worked with us, have continued using us through the years for all there construction & building needs, large and small.

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Pacific Roof Solutions
139 Darwin St Santa CruzCA95062 USA 
 • (831) 677-2313